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Get Ready to Spring into Spring Activities!

As spring gets closer...and YES, we've had glimpses of it, I know many of you are thinking of the beloved activities you will enjoy once it rolls around for good. How about getting your body moving better and more efficiently so that you can enJOY your activities to the FULLEST!? Group classes are getting fuller and we are going deeper into amazing movement sequences that not only help you become for FLEXIBLE, but help you become STRONGER by using your body better. The overworked and shorter muscles lengthen and learn how to turn OFF (so they can rest, because that's why they fatigue out...when they never rest)! The over lengthened muscles get brought back into use through the patterns we do in a way that is challenging, yet relaxing. Most people feel this work is a movement meditation that "just works", "is magical", "feels so good". These are often shared after class when participants come up from doing the lesson to feel what's new in their sensations.

This quote speaks to the power of the type of work I do with people. When we find our "blind spots" or weak points, and learn where the true power comes from (including connecting these places with other areas we can more easily sense), transformation happens, shifts of power and sensation change. People feel more WHOLE.

These types of changes of helping your body work better also happen in one on one sessions...sometimes through insurance (as I"m a physical therapist, too). And sometimes when people feel they need a "tune up". People let go of stress on my table, learn to breathe and move better, and best of all they re-remember how they were meant to move and wake up to deeper potential in themselves...for movement and for the JOY in their lives!

Unlike other modalities that might require you to keep coming back on an ongoing for relief, my goal is to help you build your tool bag of balancing movements based on your own blind spots (we all have them) and trouble areas. No matter how long you might have had patterns of pain or movement limitations, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, and because I help you work with the brilliance of your own brain, our control center, we get more lasting changes! This way you get your own wings to fly into the activities you love...and yes use your own wing bones better! LOL.

Let me know what you want to get back to and what you want to improve, this spring. I can help you get there to enJOY what you love...more and more!

PS Just extending a THANK YOU to all those who made it out to our open house this January. We've been quite busy since then and successfully applying all we learned in the Advanced Feldenkrais (that's part of the movement method I use) Training on the spine. Want to treat yourself to a relaxing and yet rejuvenating movement session on your spine? Please do come in and I'll help you spring into spring!

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