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Meet Lisa

I am a physical therapist by training.  PT helped me in my own personal journey to get some relief after a fall down a flight of stairs.  I improved to where I could sit, stand, and walk for 10 minutes and then the pain would return.  Wanting to be my active self again I kept searching and found a method called Feldenrkais(R).  I was able to release long-standing pain patterns and return to enjoy what I loved doing!  And I learned how to do those things pain-free!  I knew I had to share this method with my clients, so I enrolled in a 4 year training program to become a movement specialist, or a Guild Certified Feldenrkais Practitioner.  I’ve been using Feldenkrais on myself since 1998 and with clients since 2005 as a fully trained Feldenkrais Practiotioner.  My rich knowledge of the body from my Master’s of Physical Therapy degree combined with my ability to hone into specific issues utilizing my Feldenkrais and keen observation skills allows me to work easily with your brain to created desired changes in your movements, body, and life.

I love dancing and now I have more of an appreciation for it as it wasn’t something I could do during those years in pain.  After I stepped out of my pain cycle and relearned healthy movement connections I became part of a salsa rueda dance troupe back from 2004-2006. Today I help movers of all types step out of their own pain cycle and take their activities to the next level.  Someday, because of my passion for dance I hope to on a larger scale help dancers learn how to move better with less strain & better balance.   And others who were in pain could then learn dance, after we get their pain down with the fabulous movement re-wiring I share!

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