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Sometimes Life Calls for a Sushi Break!

This week has been a busy one! Sunday night I “shipped” off one of my chapters for my book to my editor. I seriously worked the whole weekend on it, except for going out to dinner with my cousin (who is basically a month and a half younger than me) for her birthday. I even skipped the after dinner drinks as I had to get my stats and blog in. I

committed to this program, and that’s the sacrifice I make. Now after almost a year of Friday night blogging…it’s basically my groove. Part of my new rhythm, and people look forward to my blogs…especially the vlogs…packed full of great movement sequences. So I’m shipping that. I’m used to it now.

What I wasn’t used to was the idea of a “live”interview. Think of it…all the silliness that could be said instead of what you meant to say! LOL. So I was a bit jittery before my interview, yet I went for a great walk before hand to infuse my mind with the power and beauty of nature. I felt my angels and guides at my back re-assuring me that they’d be there to help me get my message across. I know that I gave a lot of great examples, but did I really say that I don’t have people push into pain? That it’s less pain and more gain that I work toward? That we play with patterns of movement until the pattern of pain goes away? Uhhh…maybe not, but I said some other good stuff. Cool thing is, is that I’m not worried, I was told by several people listening in, including the interviewer that I gave great examples and did a good job explaining how I can help people, and that I spoke clearly with good pacing. Well, that’s what I wanted! YAY! I can celebrate that! NOW what I can take away from that is that it got me clearer that I want certain bullet points to the forefront…so when I put a video on my website, a short one, say 5 minutes, I’ll know what to say. And I can re-do that easily, as I know what it’s like to be LIVE! LOL! What pressure and what FUN! I have a new respect for people who are on the radio. My dad just shared with me that Rush Limbaugh signed a contract for 80 million a year. WOWZA! If I could reach and touch a million people in a lifetime, I’d be happy. As I know the work I do transforms lives in a beautiful way. Want to find out how? Listen to the interview at:

This week I have had the pleasure of realizing that I’ll be working with 4 generations in one family! They trust me that much and know me to be capable of taking away pain, getting results…all the way from 80’s to the 10’s! I am so completely honored. I don’t know many therapists at all that can say they’ve worked with 4 generations in one family these days. It’s the little things that matters, and that’s why I care about the subtle details when I’m working with someone…because that’s where the magic happens…where change comes about and people walk taller, feel more stable, get more motion, feel more whole…and “feel nurtured” as one of the four generation-ers told me today. How blessed I am to serve with the method I’ve learned and made my own. Yes, it has my own stamp. In the beginning of the year I was all about explaining Feldenkrais. My coach Noam was trying to get me to realize, yes, it’s the method, but it’s mostly how I do it. Now I am owning that more and it’s really ringing true for me. They aren’t with me to see Feldenkrais. The four generations are with me to see me, Lisa Ponichter. To get what I, now, can give them…with my own stamp of love on it. My own wisdom, my own gift…yes thoroughly impressed with Feldenkrais’ teachings…yet embodied into my own soul as my life changed because of it. Thank you Moshe Feldenkrais. And now I can say thank you to my wonderful self for continuing to take this work out into the world in my own way.

The point of the title of the blog? Well, because sometimes you don’t get a lot of sleep, the neighbors dogs are barking and you need to call the cops before you loose your brains from the sound ricocheting relentlessly. Then you find once you get to your office that you left your phone at home. Which happens to be your business phone! Then our new eval doesn’t show…but 20 min later they do, asking if you got their message. LOL. Luckily you don’t have someone scheduled right after them, and you work your magic with them for the full time. Later you see it was perfect you left your phone at home, as you just so happened to be able to go out to get sushi for lunch by your home. To celebrate, to let your mind rest and unwind. You’ve been up to doing good. You’ve been braving entrepreneurial waters this week, trying new things going live and taking care of some of the unpleasant business that having your own business means doing.

Even though it’s not all done, I realized the call for sushi and responded. And Thursday while I’m writing this when I got home after 9 pm from my office again, I got to dine on the left over sushi. So, it was a double treat. And sometimes as a healer-entrepreneuer you just gotta have your double treats! Happy Friday all and keep on sharing what you are here to share with your OWN stamp! Love and pleasurable moves to you all! XOXO

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