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Moves to Put the Sexy back in your Saunter or Swagger!

People that move like bricks oftentimes don't feel well, but don't look too hot, either. It's a new year, so let's improve most importantly how you FEEL being in your body when you walk. Not to mention the positive side effects of doing so! Well, how do we do that? You get to lie down and do the video below. Why? Well, lying down helps you relax AND gets you outside of your normal habits while you are walking. And the video outlines moves outside your norm, designed to get your groove back on...easily and without effort! Get readay as we play with transforming your walk while you are lying down!

Side effects include: putting back sexy in your swagger and saunter, feeling good, relaxing to the point of you calling this a movement meditation.

Please note: Doing this often, or other of my YouTube videos may result in an addiction to feeling good.

Needed equipment: A place that is quite to lie down. On the floor or on a mattress if you can't get to the floor easily. Clothing that's comfortable to move in.

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