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Up and Down like a Kid Again!

Utilize how your body was meant to get up and down! Be like the wee ones who use trial and error and the SPIRAL to come up to stand and to get back down again. So go ahead, take the pressure off those knees and save your arm and shoulder energy for other things. Get up and down with ease! This will help you up/down off your yoga mat to not have to ask for a chair or assistance to get up. This will help you keep up with your grand or great grand kids easier with all the up and down that they do. And for you young-ins it helps keep our bodies moving with good mechanics and prevents strain and pain patterns that come from the traditional push to stand (EEK)! Stay flexible and balance and feeling great with this fun lesson. Make it a game with your kids or friends. Who can look the most like a kid getting up and down from the ground? One of the secrets to feeling and moving youthful: SPIRAL AWAY!

PS if you cant get down to the floor to a thick surface on the floor (a folded exercise mat or a bunch of pillows and start there). Prop things up further for hand placement if you experience shoulder strain.

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