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What is Happiness and how to Clap it Alive?

I've heard it said that joy is our true nature. You can totally see that when looking at a child. They see the wonder even in the simple things in life! I don't believe we need to stop seeing the wonder as we grow older, either. Yet, in order to keep feeling the joy (which allows us to follow our bliss of happiness) we have to get rid of the beliefs we've adopted that stop us from experiencing the wonder and joy.

What could be some of those blocks?

For me, sometimes it comes from pressure of deadlines and making them rigid. Life, like birth of anything spectacular is rarely predictable! So why put that expectation on ourselves. I've noticed that I've accomplished much of what I've outlined in my Happiness Project, but not in order. Instead of making myself wrong (another icky habit), I'm celebrating the beauty of how I've created greatness, despite unplanned and upsetting events. Neither my mom nor any of my family was planning on her having heart troubles emerge this year. I didn't want to have to postpone a well needed mini-break with my sister,either. But through these unexpected events and upsets we can learn to go with the flow and show up more fully for the moment. I've had some really beautiful family moments recently and that has brought great happiness.

Another block? Not expressing myself I've learned is a damper to happiness and joy. Happiness is an emotion and emotions are meant to move through us like flowing water. We get into trouble and "dis-ease" in life when we don't let these emotions flow, or be a guide to us. I've made it a point and practice to notice my emotions and reactions to events and interactions versus utilizing an old and unhealthy habit of suppression. When I feel an upsetting reaction, I now pay attention and either sit with the feelings through meditating on them, or I take an action...making a request or having a conversation. This practice of responding to my emotions has been a huge success. It's freed me up and has helped me navigate through some rough waters. Doing this, I believe, has allowed me to stay more connected to joy.

Another block: waiting. Every year brings growth and I have loved having a happiness project because it make me look at what I've wanted to do, yet never made the time to finish including finish a book I've written. I'm very happy to say I've re-started working on my book due to this project and for that I'm grateful. It's been a dream of mine for a while and brings me a huge sense of joy to write and share what I've learned. I know it will help me leave even more of a positive impact in others lives. When I have the great coaching available through the Abundance Cubed program from my coach Noam Kostucki and from my team of fellow kick-butt wellness entrepreneurs, WHY NOT GO FOR IT?! Why wait? I recall the phrase "ready, fire, aim" as we can always shift after we start. It's time to DIVE IN to all that I love and feel called for. When I do that...magic always happens...or maybe then I'm just more aware of the wonder of life. I'm continuing to get wonderful results with people with the work I do and that brings me such joy! My best lessons are never a pre-planned comes from in the moment exploration, creativity, and following my guidance. Recent success stories include a guy in his 20's with a history of pain and shoulder dislocations. He now has increased awareness of how to use the rest of his body to prevent another dislocation, as well as less pain AND he's moving to pursue is dream of snowboarding again and making them! Another woman in her 70's took her first steps in years WITHOUT hamstring pain! An 80 year old learned how to get up and down off the floor so she can garden without embarrassment of how to get up and her neighbors having to help her. That happened by just diving into what was there and exploring. Really...don't wait to do things, just dive in and see what comes out of it. I love this lesson! I'm going to apply it to all aspect of my life...including my dating world! LOL

What else? Being really IN THE MOMENT allows that magic to happen. Who cares if what is going on isn't what you had planned. Things can end up better than we ever imagined if we show up fully! Brilliance, beauty, or creativity can not be predicted or planned. Presence and responding in the moment creates the magic, the beauty and allows the brilliance to come thru. Whatever it is you can have that brilliance if you are present and respond in the moment to whoever or whatever is in front of you. You don't need a huge audience to make a difference, your impact and gifts can be shared with one person. If you are an entrepreneur don't limit yourself to thinking it has to be a big audience. What is the value of changing one life? That is success and that to me equals happiness. I feel we are here to make a difference and that brings me huge happiness and heart smiles. Be in the moment, forget about numbers and deadlines and worry/fear/doubt! Just DIVE IN to what gives you your "juice" and keep doing it. Happiness is bound then. Would I have gotten those wonderful results above with clients if I was focused on numbers or thinking my classes needed to be fuller? Nope. I've been experiencing the joys of interacting with who is in front of me at the moment. Dynamic teachers and healers are fully present, bet you've never seen one who isn't! Remember that.

Eliminating those limiting things above and implementing positive strategies has been delightful, including working on my so called "daunting" tasks. It's all freed up a lot of energy and has allowed me to be even more happy. Like the Happy song by Pharrell Williams, I believe Happiness IS our truth. Whenever we let go of limiting beliefs or habits that hold us back, we can tap more into happiness! Let go of the B.S. I outlined above and DIVE IN to the good stuff. Release what you don't need, be present, respond on the moment...and go ahead CLAP along if you know that happiness is the truth!

I'll leave you with what I feel my happiness project has been thus far: a SUCCESS. Has it all been accomplished? NO. AND it STILL is a SUCCESS! If you joined me in creating your own happiness project, you are a success too if you've made one life breathe easier...that includes your own!

May this poem below help you enjoy your happiness and realize WE are all successes if we dare to make our difference in the present moment.

"To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived—this is the meaning of success"-Ralph Waldo Emerson

A I said to my dad earlier this week in an email "We keep playing with patterns, until the pattern of pain goes away". That is SO true! I've never said that before but, I'm going to watch more of my words so I can become an even better teacher. Phrases like that can help people "get" how changeable their bodies can be to achieve even better and better levels of function! I thank my coach, Noam, for mentioning to watch my words and the phrases I use in our group coaching this month! I found a gem phrase and I'm going to keep gathering them to keep spreading less pain/more gain and therefore, happiness and JOY! There it juice fore more joy and more happiness! YAYAYAY! Clap along!

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