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Love is IT!

I felt it appropriate that Mother Earth cried her tears last night after many of us have been crying over recent events...all of them tragic. I got caught up in the news & heartbreaking videos and was left pondering about what a child said in one video. A woman's child was trying to comfort her mother after they both saw a loved one shot! That's our true nature: love. Love displayed by a child...they know love. They know what the "elevated Self" is instinctively. Hate is learned, taught. Children remember best who we REALLY are & what to do. But as they continue grow up in a world with all these insane actions, hate & fear...what will come of those children? Will they follow the actions they saw unfolding in the world? What will breed out of what is happening now in the world?

Imagine a world in which a child never has to witness something like this or has to comfort their parent whose boyfriend has just been killed. What type of world are we leaving & showing our children? What message are we sending the kiddos when senseless killings in today's world just keep happening? Where race and differences seprate us now imagine they bring us together, finally.

Hearts cry again and again. Let's stop the insanity. Please. Before we humans make earth extinct. We have the potential to blow each other up & we have been. But there is another potential & another reality buried deep inside all of us. Let's be like the small children and remember to love each other. Let's also take care of the planet so that future generations have somewhere to live & have a good example of what love is. May all these breaking hearts & killings & warring WAKE us up to our insane actions that we can choose differently. Let us awaken to the true reality that we are love. May what we are living now become unthinkable horror story of the past. Let us please remember who we are & start acting like it.

Love or hate

Peace or Disaster

Joy or misery

Life or death

Tranquility or terror

Let's remember our truth

Let's remember we are love

Let's weave another story to tell the children. Where safety & love abounds. Where it's parents who can comfort children & tell them any bad dreams aren't real...and that there is no such thing as hate, killing, or terror. Let's teach the children there is only love and that we are safe with our brothers and sisters where we all care for one another...and even though we might not like one another we would never harm one another. What a dream that would be to awaken to!!! I believe it's not too late for the miracle we need to have that world become reality. Let's help transform the world & honor those people who have died so that no soul would have died in vain. Let's proclaim that through the pain we have witnessed throughout the years and read about over centuries that it is time NOW for us to be the ones to wake up and change reality back to the truth. There is only one truth, and that is love. #timetofreakinwakeup #weonlycandoittogether #loveistheonlyrealitychecktofixthemess

Feldenkrais work is about human dignity, compassion & love. One can not learn to handle themselves with such care, listening, gentleness & curiosity to then be violent with others. Let's be curious about others & listen to that place within ourselves that knows how to be love. Healing starts from the inside out. That's where we can start by listening within & following the call from there.

Be gentle with yourself & your emotions is what I'd suggest now. Keep your hearts open & lets feel the pain of what's going on in our world so that we may stay awakened to BE and DO something different. Let's create another world. And like my yogi tea bag reminded me that "love is an elevated self"...that's what this whole world needs is the reminder for us all to return to that self. May these tragic and horrific times push us inward on our journey into peace and love. And may we paint that on the outside once we've found it within. #mayallheartsawaken

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