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Our brain and nervous system controls how we function. If you want to create lasting changes in the body you need to talk to the brain. My work can do that for you! No matter how active we are we can get stuck in limiting movement habits, therefore squelching our potential. Awareness coupled with movements done systematically and without force creates an environment where positive change can occur. Working in this way triggers the brain to wake up and allows muscular and nerve defenses to go down. From here, we literally rewire patterns for your best! 

Whether that means walking better, having less pain, better balance, preforming your sport or craft with greater ease, or putting more shimmy in your sashays...this is how to do all of that powerfully and pleasurably. When we work WITH the brain, the body and its patterns are moldable and what seems like magic happens. Many report that this work based on the Feldenkrais Method is the body/brain food that keeps their moves fluid, flexible, strong and feeling great. It's been called a movement meditation as it does induce a Zen-like awakened presence. Simply put, there is nothing else like it on this earth and it's brought to you by a woman whose passion and purpose is to help lessen suffering and bring more joy to this world through this awakening method. I am here to serve you so that you can serve the world with your best gifts for your work, passion, pleasure, and play.

When we do NOT connect with the body and brain (like pushing with pain or force like many traditional therapies) everything goes on defense and no lasting change can occur. I'm here because I've been there and done that so you don't need to waste your time. I've found, practiced, and perfected what works. I was in pain and bad movement habits for years at a young age and wanted badly to dance OR simply just walk, sit, and feel good again! I did the footwork and found what truly transforms beyond what traditional therapies can do. Now because of this method I have not only been able to become pain free but I've resumed activities I was told I never would! If you want to access deep and lasting healing, return to what you love or continue loving it along the lifespan, feel better, or take what you love to greater heights, contact me and give yourself the gift of awakening movements!

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