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The New and the Old, the Yes and the No

Taking care of old business with new habits…what a nice way to tie things together. Looking at bookkeeping and going through files, and creating clarity. It’s definitely not the most exciting thing and is taking a lot of time, but it feels good nonetheless. There are things that one does trade in exchange for not having a boss, for the freedom to me it’s worth the extra work. I’m feeling more accomplished as I treated myself to a well-deserved newly refurbished computer! YAY! It’s amazing to have one that works well again. Oh the time I will save! And now begins the new projects of that new website! With several hours into it already, it’s getting closer and I’m excited for the new things I will be able to do with it.

I’m also meditating on old thoughts and implementing new thoughts in strengthening my relationship to finances this week as I listen to the last of Robert Kyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. Trying on new thoughts and noticing when old and unsupportive thoughts come up. Not all of my old thoughts are negative, thankfully! But noticing which serve and which don’t has been helpful. Being an entrepreneur I have to say no to activities because I have things to work on outside of the office, before and after work and on the weekends. Similairly, I can choose to say no or yes to any belief around wealth and money. Just as I have to be the responsible one to put in the time to keep my business thriving, so do I have to be vigilant at looking at what lurks in my subconscious, that I might not be aware and might not want, in order to reach new levels of success.

Health truly is our greatest wealth. Many things have rippled this message to me lately. I’m noticing more and more the choices I make effect this. All wealth, whether it be spiritually, financially, in love, in friendship, in happiness, at work or at home has a bearing on our health. So if we want to be truly healthy we work on all areas of our lives as each interacts has a relationship with the other areas. To me through this past year, it’s been clearer that letting go of some of the old (physically, mentally, emotionally) and letting in some new (physically, mentally, and emotionally) truly serves abundance. So too does it relate to what we say no and yes to. And the attitude we carry with our yeses and nos. Our lives become a great joy or a great burden based on our attitudes. I’m grateful I’m discovering more fully that it’s in my power to constantly allow life’s flow of change to move in and through me and that I get a say in creating my world as I dance this dance with life…through the news and the olds…the yeses and the nos. In all of it, I claim freedom to choose what works and I choose to see the beauty that is there, no matter what I’m currently seeing. There is powerful growth and learning even if something is painful or seemingly not what we want. Life has taught me that. I know it doesn’t have to be that way physically with pain in movement, yet we all sometimes strain ourselves…like I did this week getting rid of a huge bin full of grass and dirt from my garden bed. Now I’m getting myself back to balance physically.

Balance can always be re- found when we are thrown off center and are willing (choosing to) to reorient ourselves. Yes, trust me, some days I need more reminders than others to what my thoughts and attitudes are, but as I practice my daily mindfulness lessons I get to choose where I am energetically and the thoughts I’m reaching for. In any moment, I can shift and choose between fear or love. I may not be on top of it all, all day long, every day (lol I don’t think I’d be here if I were) but I get to keep choosing, keep reaching, keep being in this lovely dance they call life. I’m going to keep enjoying all that I can, even when I do say no, and even as I move through change. These times of change can be a place of power, growth and upliftment versus fear, stress and instability as I’ve oftentimes thought. There! Another new thought is born…just like a seedling. Now, it’s time to nurture those thoughts and actions towards all I dream to moment at a time. Make beauty in those moments.

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