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Focus Creates Expansion!

This week has been the busiest week I’ve had in a couple months and it feels GREAT! I've been intending and paving the way to be ready for the increased client sessions

and it's arrived. I worked with several new people including a pregnant woman with groin pain and another person with multiple issues all on one side of his body. Already great progress with everyone new.

Last week was my birthday week and I’ve upped my exercise commitment for the next year so that I can be my healthiest on my next birthday, my 40th, than I am today. I’m not only doing regular exercise but also my brain/body food with my Feldenkrais, of course! That way I ensure that I’m running in tip-top efficiency AND de-stressing simultaneously so that I’m able to be busier AND feel good in my body!

I’m learning to think more about the video titles for my movement exploration vlogs, too. They do so much, but I’ve been coached from Noam Kostucki to think about what would make a person want to click the link. I know my student and clients would click on the link to enjoy more free great lessons, but what about the others who don’t know what I do? Again, it’s for the JOY of what YOU love!

What we focus on expands! A great example of that is what happened after I prepared my news brief for the October issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine. The news brief was on my upcoming “Joy of What YOU LOVE” activity specific workshops. The VERY next day a client of mine asked if I would be willing to do a movement workshop for her group of knitters when they do their upcoming retreat! This is what I’m looking for! Groups who want workshops to help them do what they love better and easier. I can do this with any activity, and after evaluating what the common problem issues, strain patterns and movement requirements are, I can create awesome experiences for those people to help them do that they love better and easier and to get more pleasure out of it! I’m SO pumped for these workshops and looking forward to working with a variety of groups from dancers to knitters and everything in between!

This week in our Abundance Cubed program we focused on mentors and how to attract the mentor we are looking for. I got the opportunity this week to take on a temporary mentor role to three PTA students who wanted to learn about what I do. This week I had them at my office for almost two hours after a full day of clients, and surprisingly I was pumped and really energetic. They got to experience my work first hand and had fun learning how to spiral up and down off the floor so that they can not only use better body mechanics themselves during their life, but also to help people who can’t get up off the floor without strain as they go out into the workforce. How exciting. They also got to view a one on one session and see how my approach can impact movement habits to help a person move and feel their best. They all left very appreciative, paying more attention to their movement habits and ready to spread the word on Feldenkrais and my movement classes to their fellow PTA students. YAY!

As we give, so do we receive. And that is the point of mentoring…they get also as they give to you. I’m looking forward to being on both ends of mentoring as I look for key mentors that are keepers. First is building the desire statement and keeping my eyes open and my gut senses in my awareness as well.

In the meantime, it’s work time to edit a monster chapter in my book in my “spare” time! LOL What a joy it will be to have it in people’s hands as it is a gift for navigating their own lives. Create a life you love and watch how what you focus on expands!

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