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Creating Space: How to Weave Beauty in your Web of Life!

Make room for what you want. "Anything that is lacking from any situation is what you yourself are not giving"-Marianne Williamson. This is one of the ideas from a course of training that I do and lately I’ve been applying it more consciously to everything…and I'm experiencing BEAUTIFUL happenings!

A month or two ago a referring doctor referred me to another doctor for the great work I do with people. That new doc who I had never met, called and left me a message saying that he was referring a new patient to me. Looking back over old voicemails I realized that person never called. I care about connections and love good referring docs as they are a great way to connect with more spheres of people who can benefit from my work. Instead of just letting that go, I actively picked up the phone and reached out to him and offered to share in person what it was I do and to learn more about what he does. It was a delightful meeting and I did another earth-moving session with him. Later that same day, I received a text saying that his tight trouble spot was gone and that he was amazed with my session. This week I received an email saying that he has several people he wants to send me. YAY for reaching out for the connections that I desire!

I was less busy for a time this summer and I changed that. It’s only what we ourselves are not giving that is lacking in any situation. I reached out, I created the space by extending connection to another and providing healing. My work was well received and now I’ll have several other people coming to me for services from the free session I gave to this doc. More healing to share and my business will thrive in new ways. I so appreciate the other doc for making that connection that I’ll have to surprise them with something, too!

Open the channels to give in any area where you feel lack and watch the magic occur. I was looking for more order in my business, so before the doc came in I cleaned up a few piles of paper and gave my office a super-duper cleaning. Now things are really flowing and other referrals (from other sources) have been coming in. I’m feeling more organized and ready to handle the higher volume. This has been my busiest week in a while and what a joy it is to serve!

I’m so much more aware of the words I share, what I’m communicating through my hands when I touch someone that sessions are becoming even more powerful. Why is that? Perhaps because I am doing deeper movement work on myself, and that I’ve really re-committed to my own wellness. I’m exercising more and feeling more vital, personally. I’ve also am unburdening my own mind and heart by doing a practice one of my favorite teachers recommends. This practice involves praying 5 minutes a day (for 30 days total) for someone’s happiness. Choose someone who you would like to forgive. You don’t have to be able to do it right away, you only need to be willing to forgive them and to dedicate 5 minutes a day to sending them good vibes for their happiness. I’m more than half way through the month in praying for this certain someone, and I’ve already found many things I’m grateful for from knowing this person. All that was generated from sending them prayers of happiness. The more we are open to do the healing work ourselves, the more we can share that light of understanding to help others with their own healing.

Everyone needs playtime as well, and time to take in beauty. I’m so thrilled to say that I’ve had three sessions recently where I’ve worked on a new painting. It’s been over a year since I’ve painted so I can tell you how much JOY I felt while creating. It already is a thing of beauty based on how I FEEL...even though the piece of art is far from being "finished" it's already working it's magic in me by what I'm giving.

What do you want to transform or feel? Want to feel beautiful? Create something beautiful! Want to feel love? Extend love. Want joy and peace? Pray for someone else’s happiness. Above all if you feel something is lacking in any situation be the one to step up and serve it! You won’t be disappointed as I am experiencing. Feel that there isn’t a bridge between you and another? Be the one to extend and offer that bridge.

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