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Simple and Specific: Targeting Issues to to bring out your BEST!

I really do know my work can help people of all ages and help them do whatever it is that they love. That also is really broad to say! Which when you are delivering a message, the more specific it is usually the better it is in advertising and connecting with people you can help. That is what I’ve heard and I’m taking this idea into my new round of advertising for the next six months. One ad features dancers and the other features golfers with my branding of “for the joy of what you love”. Can I help someone who does yoga, running, or playing their instrument or anything else? Of course, yes, but I had to narrow it down for my two ads which I'll be putting the final tweaks on. The exciting thing is that I feel more free with these idea because I can see myself connecting with those I can help easier. Yay! That means more passion, freedom, expression and joy in the world.

This specificity is also going to be reflected in workshops I’m designing. After our last coaching session in our Abundance Cubed program things got clearer in how to effectively design an upcoming workshop, especially with a specific focus group. I can create the lesson around what I know are specific issues for a certain group and have them at the start notice their level of difficulty with certain movements critical for their game/sport/activity. Then we explore the unique lessons I’ve crafted to improve their ease of movement (to eliminate or lessen the difficulty). At the end, I’d have them feel and experience what is easier and what they can do at the end of the lesson(s) in the workshop. This is essentially what goes on in every individual session and every group class that I do, so this is a natural thing for me to throw together, but now just with a specific theme in mind. For example, a common problem for golfers are limited spinal rotation, or twisting. This is due to either back, shoulder, or neck tightness/strain/guarding patterns…often in a combination. Sometimes it’s due to difficulty in weight shifting from one foot to another. For my workshop I’d have them find which areas are limited. Then I’d take them through several lesson which improve connections in all those areas. Then we are left with increase rotation without the strain and better weight shift without hesitancy. I don’t even need to know golf-speak. I help golfers get better all the time without being a “real” golfer myself (I’ve been on a golf course 2x’s in my life). But I know how to help them. My program design is just to have them experience and feel their difficult movements and then improve their movement to lessen and eventually eliminate the difficulties. Simple and sweet! Know any golfers or golf teachers that want a workshop? Or what kind of workshop to do you want to improve your ability to enjoy what you love to the fullest? Let me know and let’s get you golfing (or whatever your passion is) better and easier!

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