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Taking Care of Business! Out with the Buggers!

Well this week has been filled with not so much the busiest of work with clients but catching up on the "back end" part of things with odds and end stuff, billing inquiries, file upkeep, and secretarial things (as I'm my own secretary). It was balanced with a lovely visit last Friday evening through this Monday with my sister Kristen who flew in to visit our mom and to celebrate Father's day with us all. My sister stayed with me and on the home front we had a relaxing time until the little carpenter ant issue I thought I had under control exploded into a bigger one! It was quite gross waking up in the middle of the night and seeing several unwanted house guest crawling about!

Today, the exterminators came out and revealed a few potential problems, including a huge tree with it's trunk hollowed out by the ants. The concern is that the tree is weak and they suggested that it come down! It provides beauty and shade, yet I would like where I'm living to still be standing, as well as no nearby carpenter ant homes. That's one more to add to the list of things to be tended to. Let me know if you know of any good tree removal and tree care services in Royal Oak area! Thanks!

Do I mind weeks like these? When I think back to working for someone who attempted to micro-manage the HOW I worked with clients, despite the difference it could make...the answer is NO! Yes, it was nice not having to market myself, build a new website, handle secretarial duties, but to me it's all worth it for the difference that is made with therapy I that works! I'm free of grewling double booked schedules and I do get to make a difference and feel great while doing it. Now my group classes are building up and I'm happy to help more people feel better and continue to do what they love.

I've also had to deal with collections from a very select few of clients who have a balance on their bills. Again, I never had to make calls about that as an employee and I'm glad, but I do have to keep the lights on so that I may continue to serve and help others heal. Now those people who aren't responsible in getting back with me I will have to let them go. They will be out of my house of care, unless they become a responsible member of the team and do what they agreed to do. In any relationship there is an exchange and an agreement, they need to keep up their end of the agreement. Just like in the carpenter ant community each ant has a role. I have my roll, too, and wearing the hat of office manager as my sister would say I can invite those I need to out of the practice. Just like today I kindly invited the ants out of my home! No one needs to continually deal with people who don't keep their agreements. I'm choosing freedom to restructure the business model to only working with responsible clients.

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