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Awakening Movements with abundance cubed program is ready for expansion.

I’m thrilled that I saw and took the opportunity to apply to this program for wellness business entrepreneurs. I’m even happier to get accepted as one of the participants! I’ve had two and a half good years in my own in business (with 12 years before that working for someone else) and have successfully helped hundreds and hundreds of people decrease pain, move better, get back into activities they love easier over those 14 years, AND I want to reach and help more people. I know that as the saying goes “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten” has moved me before to be able take the leap of faith to build my own business in order to continue helping people with this great work. I also realize that there are challenges in sharing the unique method that I offer. Many people out there don’t know what it is or even know that getting back into what they love doesn’t have to be painful, that it can change when we explore movement habits in a way that doesn’t put the brain/body on defense. I’m ready and thrilled to go through 2016 with this coaching program to help not only my business to grow and expand, but also myself personally, and most importantly to impact more lives that I currently am with this transformative healing method.

From my first “interview” with Noam, I was impacted after his questioning. What he gleaned from asking me what I liked about what I did helped me to get clearer on the “golden nugget” of what really sets my work apart. Yes I help people get out of pain and increase balance, improve their ease of motion and strength, but the most important piece is that I get JOY helping others return to THEIR joy! I always had felt like I had to explain/defend what I did as it was different and unknown by many in the traditional medical community. This simplified my explanation of what I do versus getting into the neuron-anatomy of what it is I do! Most don’t care about that, they just want to be able to do what they love. Getting them their gives me the juice to keep doing what I’m doing.

There are so many groups that can be helped by this method yet my conversation with Noam also helped me look into what areas I’d really like to delve into. One of my longstanding dreams has been to be able to connect people in pain to moving easier so that they can dance, and to help dancers move better/easier with the method I teach. Just because I currently work mainly with people in pain going though insurance for physical therapy to do the unique method I do, doesn’t mean that I can’t expand into other areas.

Simply applying to the program with all the time I spent on the application sections re-ignited many of the ideas and dreams I’ve had to get this work out into the world! Even just the application was exciting to do.

During our first group call we got to meet our fellow wellness businesses teammates. It was nice to meet who we’d be going through this process with. As I expressed on my first interview with Sandra, I felt each and every person that was selected to be in the year long Abundance Cubed program would be a winner, even though one overall “winner” would be selected as part of the program. Each of us, I’m sure will go through amazing growth and breakthroughs in our businesses!

When you are your own business owner and wearing many hats during the week, having a greater online presence was always something I “meant to do” during the past two and a half years. Now, here I am finally writing my first blog! So the program is already helping me expand. I’m eager to see how this expansion with help me reach more people. One of my new movement class participants shared that her yoga teacher does podcasts for classes and suggested that I might do that for my classes as well. It’s a thought that never occurred to me, yes I’d like to be able to see how participants are moving during a class, so that I can be of the most help, but it is an avenue that might help me reach my goal of helping to impact more people positively.

Being in this program has helped me step into 2016 with more zeal and reading books for business, thinking in new ways and pondering my brand. Sandra asked for testimonials for the program FB page, which I’ve gathered a few over the years, but it’s been truly impactful for me to ask for and receive the testimonials over the past several weeks from people whom I’ve helped since starting my own business. Now that I’m away from the hospital system, I feel like my own personal brand is reflected in what people say in their testimonies. One testimonial in particular touched me deeply and reminded me of my conversation with Noam in how I am joyful helping to reconnect others with their own joy. Here is that testimonial: “I turned to Feldenkrais and specifically Lisa at Awakening Movements after two unsuccessful rounds of traditional physical therapy to alleviate pain throughout my right side from a herniated disc in my neck. I told Lisa my goal of playing baseball in three months and she said, “Well, we have a goal!”. It meant a lot to me to hear her enthusiasm and confidence in helping me achieve my goal, and it was the basis for the work I put in both inside and outside of her office.

Three moths later, I was out on the baseball field throwing with my right (previously painful) arm and swinging a wooden bat. I ran several times a week and played both baseball and softball into the fall with confidence, knowing I had the tools to keep my arm and neck loose when I needed them. In the process of my treatment, Lisa’s lessons helped loosen shoulder and chest muscles that had been locked up for as long as I could remember. After treatment I stood taller, held my shoulders farther back (without effort) and relied on more (parts of myself) to do everyday movements.

As an instructor, Lisa is kind and positive, and gives thorough explanations to questions. Lessons are relaxing and the movements are comfortable. Home stretching assignments are clear and genuinely helpful, and I still do them months after my treatment ended. I saw tremendous results from Lisa’s work, and the positive environment she created was different from other physical therapy centers I tried.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Lisa and the Feldenkrais Method for treating injuries and pain.” –Scott McMahon

Collecting more testimonials to add to my webpage I’m sure will be helpful to those looking for relief/help/return or improvements in their beloved activities. It also has been powerful to me to looking at what it is I’m really doing. Impacting lives powerfully. I’m on the right road and I feel with this program I’m on the road to helping so many, many more!

I am looking forward to finishing reading the book Noam wrote “You are Your Brand” and getting into what will be discovered in our next coaching call. I feel getting deeper awareness into my own brand will help me to connect with those I can help quicker and in larger numbers because of that clarity. That is exciting!

Abundance Cubed Adventure in Expansion for wellness entrepreneurs it what I, as owner of Awakening Movements Feldenkrais and Physical Therapy, have been waiting for! I already help others make movement comfortable and pleasurable so they can stay enjoying what they love to do, or get back to it. This program is a catalyst to help me reach more and more people for positive impact.

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