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Giving Myself Full Credit, Do You?

Many times in the past I’ve been told “Thank you for your great work”…and most often I would pass partial credit to the guy who invented the method I use. However, lately I’ve been getting repeated messages from people to give myself the credit. One came from my coach in the Abundance Cubed program, Noam Kostucki when he asked if I would take on the challenge of not using the method name that I use for a month. I accepted the challenge in order to practice the art of awareness of my own power and brilliance as I work with people, versus displacing the power externally onto "a method". After all, it IS me that shows up for a session...not a gentleman who passed in 1984! That very week I received the challenge from my coach and as things were marinading in my mind, I received this message from (notes from “the universe”). It read "Often, Lisa, you don't know what you can do until you do it; what you can be until you become it; or what you can have until you have it. But hey, that never stopped you before! Arriba, arriba, andale, andale-The Universe PS you're doing so well for yourself , Lisa, just hope you give yourself all the credit." How synchronistic!

I am trying that on taking credit for my great work and feeling my power in a good way. I’ve never been “power” hungry, yet what I’m feeling more of is a sense of my ability to truly bless another in a powerful way…to help guide them on their internal awareness journey so that they become their own master of moves. I can own that. What else can I own? I can own that I’ve been through traumatic, abusive, violent and painful things. I have had holding patterns in my body (mind, and emotions) that I’ve been able to release through a lot of work I did in my 20’s and early 30’s. From the courage of doing my “inner work” I have been able to try on and formulate new more helpful thoughts, habits, patterns and actions…with many resulting freedoms, including peace, and joy. I can own that I have been through great transformations and have seen that there are oftentimes emotions locked within limiting physical habits. When we explore options in the physical we open up room to explore new sensations as well as new thoughts and emotions. I can own that because of my highly sensitive nature I can sense things deeply and see minute details of things that others might miss. That, I feel, makes me even better at crafting a good lesson while I am working with someone. My own experience of having gone through a back injury led me into chi kung and other forms of meditation which deepened my own sense of spiritual connection. I own my spiritual awareness and have developed a keen ability to listen and feel the guidance from spirit/God/higher self/love/life/whatever you want to call it. I am so much more aware of that now versus before my back injury. I created healing through walking my path though where my back injury led. I went into meditation, the movement method I do, & paying attention to all the awesome signs and symbols that life sent through nature and dreams (external and internal signs). All of these tools have deepened and graced me on my spiritual awareness path. These things combined have helped me heal through fear and pain patterns and have made me a healthier and happier individual. I feel these things shine forth in my work…and in my ability to make a powerful and meaningful impact with those I work with. Despite me working with people on a "physical level" I know personally how deeply that can relate with the emotional and mental worlds…I feel this is a blessing to have this knowledge.

I had to fight though the tortures of some pretty icky physical, mental and emotional stuff at a younger age and it showed up in my body as back pain that wouldn’t heal. Despite there being a physical fall down stairs, there were deeper things at play behind it, yet I never would have guessed it until I started exploring the inner world. We all carry crosses in life and go through trials…for each of us the story is different and these traumas/trials occur at different phases in life. Because I overcame some heavy trials at a young age I feel blessed to know that tools arrive to help us heal if we are open to following and working to where life points us. I have the ability to help so many with movement habits that are painful, and because of the self-compassion I found on my journey I can very easily give this gift away to others: how to be more gentle and compassionate (and loving) with oneself. Not that I would ever choose to go through the years of abuse I went through or the back injury again, I have come out stronger in my desire to heal and own all parts of myself again. With the power of the love and light and courage in me…I am willing to take full credit. As a child of god (the universe or the force or whatever u relate to even if it's simply energy) I have overcome a great many things and know you can, too. I do show up fully when I work with people, so now I’m going to show up fully to take responsibility for my awesomeness, courage and persistence to not give up on healing. That is a miraculous and precious gift I share with others and the next time someone thanks me I WILL take full credit! You have wonderful gifts, too…we all do in this miraculous web that we live in, so next time you share your gifts with someone and they are touched in a deep way and moved to thank you…take that thank you IN! Let it lift you up and massage your heart and soul to lift your spirit even higher. Receive it with open arms. In our own uniqueness we deserve to celebrate the brilliance of who we are. We all are here to help each other with our different gifts. What a better way to honor those gifts and the light of who we are not only by sharing them, but also by fully accepting the “thank you’s” that come our way!

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