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Feel Good Feet for Playing!

Now that weather is getting warmer (OK except for this weekend) I figured it’s appropriate to do a lesson on how to improve how our feet hit the ground because there will be much more play and activity for most of us during the warmer seasons. Yay! Shoes can limit our foot and ankle motion which then might have a negative effect on the knees, hips and back. So, it’s important to do movements like the one in the video with your shoes off to help re-balance your organization and keep not only your feet but your knees and the rest of what's above happy. Our feet are the first source of shock absorption and today we will build a good image of flexibility and strength from each of the rays of our feet (the metatarsals…the bones that your toes attach to) through the movement exploration. Be sure to walk around before and after the lesson to notice what’s changed and use it to help you in your play and explorations this week. For some of us the weather brings snow! EEK! In any event I’m getting away to visit a dear friend out of town. It’s play time for me, despite how busy I am and how much needs to be done. It can wait. For now, I’m taking my happy feet for some rest and relaxation time. Be sure to take your happy feet too!

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