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Looking Fresh for Spring!

This week’s challenge was to schedule in some time to work on my new website. I need to be able to change and update things to keep people informed, so I’ve been coached to do this. I usually think I have more time than I do, or guess less time to finish a project which it happened this time. I thought I’d have time on Wednesday, but that didn’t work out. The other blocks of time I scheduled for was for tonight and Sunday. Tonight I’ve got to do some running around regarding a car situation and then nothing else will touch that time on Sunday until it’s done.

Why am I updating my website? During our coaching call this month for the Abundance Cubed Program, our topic was on websites. It was shared that it’s good to update your website at least every year. I realized that the only updates I’ve had recently have been a change in address and the addition of a blog. I think my current website is beautiful, but there are things on there that I’ve wanted changed, but I don’t know how to do those things which leaves me dependent on my website guy. With as busy as he and I both are, I felt that creating my own that I can manage (apparently there are easy drag and drop sites?!?!) would be a good solution. Not that I am excited about the actually time in front of a computer to do this (I’d much rather be decluttering, reading, or almost anything else!) but I am excited about what this will give me.

Here are the updates I’m looking forward to:

  • More concise description of Feldenkrais and the work I do so that people learn HOW I can help them

  • Group class listings

  • Testimonials

  • My background

  • A new look

  • Movement! Videos, too!

  • Online registration forms

Why do I want #5? Part of me doesn’t…as I like the light and bright look and feel of my website, but I think it does do people good to mix things up and change things from time to time. Like updating your wardrobe, hair, makeup, furniture décor…even websites need that attention and tweaking. I remember almost 4 years ago my website guy talking about how important it is for websites to easily transition to whatever device that they were being viewed on. I think that that feature is probably a given now as many people do all of their viewing on a tablet or a Smartphone. So it’s time for me to see what’s out there in options for displaying my work via easy to use do-it-yourself kind of websites. Most people have come to me in the past from word of mouth and a few have done online searches to find me. Things are changing and with the different advertising I’m doing I’ll have more traffic to my website. Actually I already am having more web traffic since the start of this program and with the weekly blogging that I’m now doing. So why not get a new look in time for spring?!

Stay tuned as movement lesson videos will be coming up, too! I’m also sure many updates and changes will be coming as I play and tweak with expressing myself on the website to connect better to you and others like you who love to learn, play and feel good in themselves!

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