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Focus, Shift and Adjust in the NOW!

This week has presented some time to continue working on the tasks of tackling unfinished projects and the decluttering I’ve been doing for my Happiness Project this year. But from time to time I find that my right knee bothers me and that usually has to do with releasing something. Sure enough someone contacted me that I had chosen to break away from previously. Their response reflected some of the issues that had me choose to stop communicating with them in the first place. I’m not saying I don’t have things to work on, we all do. I am working on myself continually for growth and expansion. Some people choose to not work on themselves and that's OK, too. This particular person constantly sees other people and circumstances as the issue, and never once stops to self-reflect to see what they might have done in each and every situation as part of the cause. Again it's fine to choose to live that way, but it doesn't work for me and I’ve realized I enjoy socializing and being with those who are able to self-reflect and introspect. The interaction that came through this week was heavy and bogging me down (my knee was telling me to let it go). I was having trouble attempting to work on the tasks above. But I was able to choose what was best for me…to put aside any communication with that person for now so that I could also prepare for something I hadn’t done in a while that excited me. I was asked to speak about what it is that I do at an outpatient rehab facility! It was time to shift focus on that great opportunity to educate others on the wonderful benefits of Feldenkrais and how I help people become more free. To prepare for a presentation in the past I would write up very detailed notes and put my points on note cards or I’d do a power point presentation. But I wanted to do something different with this group. I wanted to basically just feel into the group, share some main points and do a movement experience with them. My friend and previous coworker who invited me out also asked for a demonstration. I do not think I had ever done a live hands on demonstration in a talk before, so there were a few new things thrown into the mix. Because I usually prepare in such detail I had a bit of anxiety… so I did write down the main points I wanted to touch on and that helped me feel at peace. But because I have been doing this work for so long I knew I could just bullet the main points and speak from the heart on them. Turns out that the talk, including the demo and the movement experience, went great! Physical movement changes were made, felt and noticed by the observant and interested group I presented to. I had a blast and relearned that sharing in groups to people who’ve hadn’t had Feldenkrais exposure can be fun. This experience reminded me that my goal of getting this work out there doesn’t have to be daunting, that I can keep saying YES to invitations that inspire me. And no to those that don’t, like the communications above or anything that doesn’t feel right. And I can reach out to places such as local libraries, gyms or senior centers to give public talks even if I’ve had “no’s” before from them…probably because they didn’t really know what Feldenrkais is. But I would present it differently now that we’ve done work in the Abundance Cubed program on branding. I know that I help people continue to do what they love and to do what they love better and easier. I’m sure I’ll get more yes answers when they hear that. So here is to choice on what you focus on and what you let go of in life mentally, emotionally, physically and in your experience of joy. You get a say in what you invite in. Choose wisely. Choose from your heart. Choose what brings you joy! Movement experience break:

• Lie on your back. Notice what parts of yourself are resting and if one side feels heavier or lighter or tilted…all the way from head to toe…just observe. Roll your head from side to side and see what that feels like. Do not push into pain with any movements, if it does increase pain move smaller the next time until you don’t feel any increase in pain. • Move your jaw forward so that bottom teeth move forward to a place of comfort. Do not push into pain. Do this a few times. • Then move the jaw forward and to the left and back. Then try forward and to the right. Is one easier? Notice how far you go easily. • Check in with your breathing. Take in a normal breath and exhale with a “SHH” sound. Do this 5 times. • Take in a normal breath and exhale with the “SSS” sound. Do this 5 times. Rest • Finally take a normal breath in and exhale with an AH sound. Repeat at the pace of your breath about 5 times. • Notice what your breathing is like now. • Try the three sounds with the jaw forward. At least 2 times with each sound • Then after resting put the jaw forward and to the left and do all three sounds there (rest jaw back in your neutral resting positing each time. • They try all three sounds minimum of two times with your jaw forward and to the right. • Rest several breath cycles • Roll your head side to side • Move jaw forward, and then back. Forward and to the left. Forward and to the right. And back. Is there anything different in the quality of the motion or how you are resting on your back? Is rolling the head easier? Get up and stand. Notice how you feel and walk around and see what has changed.

Feel free to share the changes you experienced! Have a great week! Repeat this as often as necessary if you have neck or jaw or shoulder issues. It’s also great to do before you go to bed…should almost put you to sleep. Happy zzz’s.

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