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Happiness Project Update: Breathing Thru it all from De-cluttering to Tackling Unfinished Tasks

I'm happy to report that the first few sessions of my Happiness Project which included de-cluttering of the basement went well! I even found a tiny yet symbolic monkey toy that I had in a box of mementos which I found day one of my project. That's SO appropriate for the year of the monkey here in 2016. Apparently this year is all about expression and it's great for women in business working locally! YAY! The feng shui highlight is on the living room for this year of the monkey. So I've cozied up my living room and my routine. I'm making my bed in the morning so I get to come home to a lovely retreat, in the AM I open all of the blinds in my living room to let the sun shine in and that is where I read my daily meditation lesson and sip on my morning vitamins. Then I dive into mediation and after (or before bed) I listen to audios while doing dishes and meal prep. A few tweaks in the kitchen have paid off in making cooking and food prep easier. There is no more walking all over the place! Pots and pans are by the stove, utensils and gadgets needed for food prep are near the food prep space. That sounds so simple, but I've noticed greater ease and saving of time and energy. Yes, there is so much more to do through most of my home and business space. Yet that's why this project is such a great idea because it can't all be done at once and I'm learning bit by bit, and celebrating bit by bit at what I've created. I've been enjoying the benefits from doing the living room fully. Now I get to bask in it's beauty as I'm welcomed home. I think back on some of the great places I've lived in over the years but didn't truly utilize their greatness to the fullest as I had boxes lying about because I didn't have enough storage ( or had too much stuff)! Now it feels so fabulous to walk into my home to see the living room's new order, beauty and respite it provides. I found things in my basement search that have added to its beauty and charm. I also gave the living room a thorough cleaning. Now I breathe easy in this space and I feel like I'm flying high like the eagle picture that watches over me there. It welcomes me home with JOY!

This month I also started with an unfinished task. I got clear on what seemed daunting in business and made a list. Each month I will tackle one. For this month it was the tax prep. I did not get as far as I'd hope but it is progress nonetheless. I will keep plugging away at it just like the organization and de-cluttering project. Starting now has already decreased the sense that it will be a stressful crunch time before taxes. Getting rid of stuff I don't need whether tossing it, donating it, recycling it, using it myself, or giving it to someone who can has helped me feel lighter and free-er. I found my mom's old guitar strap that she gave me when I gave guitar playing a go, and you should have seen the smile on her face when I gave it back to her! In a sense I feel like I'm spreading music and joy in redistributing the use of things. I've heard it said "If it's not meeting a need, donate it and turn it into a seed". I really like that. I'm learning a lot form the several books I've been guided to borrow from the library on de-cluttering and feng shui. I'm paying attention to what I'm energized by and to what brings me joy, versus what I've habitually displayed in previous dwellings. I'm going to do some Feng shui in my office, too. I feel I'm going to not only enjoy my spaces more, but they will have increased functionality. For example, my home office with all the boxes out of the way I will actually be able to paint and create in there! With business I can create some clarity on systems I need to put in place to increase my flow there. Part of that is organization, part of it is new systems in place, and also tackling those unfinished tasks.

I took action this week in finalizing the new ad that will be coming up. I got over some communication barriers with the go-between person (for some reason I wasn't able to talk directly to the designers), but I was able to keep expressing what I wanted and I kept asking for it until they got it right! Even when they were demanding me that it needed to be done I expressed what I needed as a paying customer and that I would not be rushed. I had to point out that it took them two days to get back to me with one small change. I found myself hemming and hawing about the final product because I wasn't totally happy, but as I asked kept asking for what I wanted I became pleased with the results. I realized I was a bit scared as I've never really done an ad like this and it is an investment. I want to help more people so I realized as it's me only in my business I had to take charge and take action. I got some good feedback from my coach, did a valuable poll on FB, and received input from family, friends, and clients. I'm trusting that this is imbued with fire monkey energy that this year holds!

With all of this expression and de-cluttering and feng-shui-ing I'm truly feeling more free. I'm getting better at decision making with those smaller things and I know that will translate in to what I deem "bigger things". I feels good to let go of what no longer serves and to ask for what I want. I'm sure these physical acts of letting go will bring more clarity in all areas of my life. I'll be better at sensing my own thoughts and feelings with less clutter around, not to mention most importantly hear that inner guiding voice of the divine. I was ON it and SO in tune the other day after another decluttering session. The theme of expressing one's truth has popped up several times in conversations this week and I've shared that this year is all about expression. So when I see that monkey symbol I'm reminded to be playful and express myself. This whole new organization and de-cluttering and happiness project and asking for what I want are all part of the freedom and great expressions that are what 2016 is made of. I can feel it as I'm making these choices now and taking action. Feels great! As I say to my clients with movement patterns they've had for years that Rome wasn't built in a day, so we must be patient with ourselves as we are learning new habits that supports us. Such is true in all areas of life whether it is a physical or mental habit.

Following the flow and listening to myself has been a great reminder that we don't control life. Family and friends have needed me recently and those changes in agenda keep me flexible and my attitude fresh, versus one of frustration. Embodying a playful attitude when it comes to changes can shift frustration to a joy or pleasure. I much rather would choose the latter. So remember to take your pauses or rests and make room for some play!

Movement Awareness Break: Breathing is one of our most basic movements. All of our movements become better and more enjoyable when we are actually breathing through them. One thing you might not be aware of is the pause or lag time between your in breath and your out breath and then the other pause that comes before you take another breath in. Pay attention in this "power in the pause" break and notice. Try breathing in for a count of 4. Hold for two (that's a pause). Then exhale for 4counts and pause for 2 counts. Try this cycle for a minute or so and then go back to whatever natural breathing comes up for you and see if you can sense the pauses between your inhalation and exhalations more. Try to catch yourself when you are doing something and holding your breath (this would be long counts of holding that leave you huffing and puffing). When you do notice that, come back into awareness of your breathing and attempt to not hold it as you go back into your activity. Everything is better when breathing. This is one place to important thing to reorganize in yourself...your flow of breath! See in a day how many times you catch yourself holding your breath. Just by noticing it it will begin to change and lessen. Let me know if you have any questions! If you are local, feel free to join us for class 6pm monday evening or 11 am Wednesday AM...lots of great awareness exercises for head to toe feeling good in store!

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