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Drumming In New Rhythms!

Last week was one of the most stressful weeks I've had due to family issues. After the upheaval, this week has been better having somethings settled with good outcomes. I was truly ready to celebrate and even more open to embrace some of the things on my happiness challenge that have historically been a challenge. If we look at how we grow through unpleasant experiences and what we gained from them (no matter how rough, stressful, or bitter it might have been) we can typically glean some positives from it. That's exactly what I did this past week fighting for a loved one. I had to whip out my inner warrior and dive right into "get it done and karate chop mode" which is a far cry from peaceful and gentle Lisa. It was nice to own those capabilities to help that family member come out on top. The second benefit from that stressful week helped me look at the tough places of my happiness Project like a breath of fresh air! LOL! After going through THAT week nothing on my happiness challenge seemed so daunting anymore! I've been excited about the changes I've been making and will be making. Starting this month's unfinished task hasn't been so bad, either, despite just scratching on the surface. I decided I would choose Saturday to start tackling the basement at my dads in order to go through my old stuff. I'd say it's the biggest area of decluttering because I haven't touch the boxes and years and I don't even know what I'm up against! The universe supported me in a beautiful way this week. I not only got connected with a family member, but was able to attend a Feng Shui event at a fun venue with wine! I was inspired even more into my "un-cluttering" part of my happiness project. I also learned how to embrace the fire monkey energy of 2016. As tired as I was that day I came home and Feng shui-ed (made up word lol) my bathroom to contain versus drain energy and made some small changes in my living room. I'm already feeling good results from that! Several things popped up into my mind that I can use from the basement, so I'm excited instead of freaked out thinking about the time i'll be spending on this. And I'm paying more attention to the actually good messages from my monkey mind! From these recent events and with my happiness project starting this week, I feel I have been bestowed with courage and full commitment to see 2016 to a very successful end. I've got a plan for this week to un-clutter one corner of my living room before I begin on the basement. Now that's a change the order of my happiness project, but being that the "power room" or room to enliven for 2016 is the living room, I felt it was the appropriate place to start as I'm claiming this to be my year of new power! My desk at home is organized and next week I begin the desk at my office. I may eventually draw upon the help of the local fun Feng Shui expert who responded quickly to my Facebook questions. There was a huge line after the event to speak with him, so I instead send him a private message with my question on Facebook. I figure once I get through all of my rooms I may want some of that expert advice to usher in ways to help more love, prosperity and energy to flow into my life so that I may even more joyously help others. This month in our Abundance Cubed program for wellness entrepreneurs we are reading a book called likable social media by Dave Kerpan. I learned several things in the above interaction which emphasized two of the things I learned in the book. 1) Giving prompt responses to people who might be potential customers puts you in their favor 2) getting yourself in front of people to share your expertise is also valuable to build that trust (this wasn't in the book but it struck me as important) 3)engage with people on social media. something the speaker didn't do was to mention that we could ask him questions on social media. I did that anyhow and he answered very promptly. The book shares how engaging with people in your Facebook community opens up dialogue which has greater potential than traditional marketing or a one-way conversation. The feng shui expert even recommended more books to me on decluttering and ended up thanking me for my interest! I for sure will remember him if after my happiness project is complete and if I'm still desire more flow or growth in my business or home space. I loved how this experience was reflecting the things I was reading in our book for this month. The simple thanking people for their comments and questions goes along way. I feel aligned just thinking about my happiness project and my new posture in activities I will be implementing from the social media book, such as engaging more with my audience, as well as simply connecting with people who already know and love my services from previous years! Also important is sharing with them why it would be of value for them to connect with Awakening Movements Feldenkrais and Physical Therapy on Facebook. I'll of course provide value thereafter. I have an idea of doing a mini movement experiences regularly on my Facebook page. I hope to create a space where people can share their support and successes in their healing journey of physical progress no matter where they are at along the spectrum. As Moshe a Feldenkrais said "making the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant" that's how we progress & I will be using this philosophy as I develop my FB business page...I know it won't be elegant at first but I must start where I'm at in order to move in that direction.

Not only am I holding the energetic and playful monkey energy, but I'm holding the energy of the woodpecker. I saw three of these when I looked out my window earlier this week. WOW! That means new rhythms times 3! The woodpecker's red color goes along with the fire monkey & is reflective of stimulating mental the ones I'm already engaging in contemplating the positive changes that will come about from my happiness project, the new actions from coaching, the readings and our discussions. New rhythms are also taking shape from the bold actions I'm taking to grow my brand and business. I know what I have can help so many more in wondrous ways and now the beautiful thing is that I'm starting to act from that place of knowing! Here we go into 2016 with the powerful energy of the fire monkey and the woodpecker. A person I worked with this week affirmed that we must all move to the "beat of our own drum". Why yes, that is a beautiful thing! Here's to new rhythms that help us in body, mind and spirit…in business and in life!

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