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Exploring with Happiness as part of my Truth!

I’ve established some really good habits over the years including meditating daily which I started doing after my back injury as a teen, almost 20 years ago. My connection with God/life/spirit/source/LOVE or whatever you want to call it is first and foremost. I also eat pretty darn healthy, practice compassion and forgiveness and do some form of yoga and Feldenkrais movement work daily. One has to do what they teach in order to be a good teacher, so I do my best to embody the movement work that I share which involves a natural movement and a pause. As I get busier in business, I still hope to hold practice of a pause or rest when needed. I also hope to more deeply embrace my own natural rhythm, and keep an even better balance of the play and rests when my soul, mind or body is calling for them. We wake up and sometimes and go through our routines and go week to week, sometimes not evaluating where we are heading. Movement habits are often on automatic. It also can be how we live our lives and what we do are also automatic, and we get to the end of the year and wonder how we didn’t do some of the things that we’ve wanted to. As much as I get joy from what I do, I want to also ensure I’m looking at the big picture of my life, including my overall happiness. I am a happy person to begin with and I feel it is great to have a plan of action and to set goals to work towards one’s dreams. What I’m creating in business and sharing with people as I help change lives is a dream come true. Now it’s time to get a bit more aware of other areas and ways in which I might add more sunshine.

One of the books we are reading in the Abundance Cubed Program is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It’s a delightful book about a happy person committed to doing more things that enrich her happiness. She explains that this isn’t as self-serving as it may sound, as it helps one to be a better partner/spouse, parent, sister, child, aunt or uncle, and a better member of society in general…not to mention the wellness and health benefits! I liked the concept of developing my own happiness project as part of our journey in the Abundance Cubed program.

January marks the beginning of the year, and our happiness project was to be outlined this month, so I spent some time contemplating what would make me more happy (and more free…I equate happiness with freedom). So, one thing I did get to at least once this month was getting back to dance. Nothing makes me smile more than a good partner hustle with a lot of momentum to an upbeat tune. Lord knows when I’ve done that last, but I went out dancing and it felt great. Some of the things I’d like to commit to in my happiness project are monthly, some I’ll focus a bit on each month having certain aspects of it spread out over the entire year. Some I’ll start in a certain month, and continue it as I see fit after observing and rating what it’s doing for my overall happiness.

In February I will begin my yearlong project of de-cluttering and organizing one room a month (which includes a basement full of boxes that haven’t been opened in years at my dad’s house. SHeesh! Those things have literally been out of sight out of mind, but why not start from the basement up!). The idea of walking into a home that looks Feng-shui-ed is appealing to me, as a home is ones place they go to rest and nurture themselves. I’ll start in the basement while it’s still cold as I don’t like to be couped up in basements when the weather is nice with no windows, plus it will be requiring more time…as I may be strolling down memory lane. A few things to I’ll keep, but most will be put in piles to give away or a simply to toss. I’ll give the basement 2 months to complete, then I’ll move through each room in my house and get to my garage when it’s warmer. Also in February and in subsequent months I’ll tackle an unfinished project or unfinished business and set up a system to keep things easier if it’s a reoccurring thing.

In March I’ll continue the theme of February’s Valentine’s day and commit to nurturing relationships weekly. I’ll pick a friend to have dinner or lunch with, catch up with those out of town, or even plan a trip to visit an out of town friend! Finish an unfinished project (each month until completed!) and on to completing the basement or a room in my home.

In April I’d like to start moving a bit more to increase energy and continue fitness practices. I’d like to, weather permitting, bike to work at least once a week. Declutter/organize a room and finish an unfinished task (I’ll stop saying this…you get the point).

May is my favorite month and so I’d like to add a favorite thing to the schedule of booking in time to write. I’d like to finish a book I started and get it published…I’m thinking 1-2 months per chapter (or faster, if it goes that way). I’d like to get to a poetry open mic something I’ve been wanting to do for years.

June is for dance, to seek out some private instruction for myself at least 2 times a month.

July is for acts of compassion and kindness…when inspired and even not when inspired…once a week, like an energy tithe. I love sending out cards to people…thank yous, hellos, encouragement…this kind of thing. Or volunteering or helping a loved one or stranger with something they need, even if it’s simply opening doors, carrying groceries, or gifting something.

August is for finances…a re-haul and overview of my practices…start funds for things I’d like to have funds for (travel, continuing ed, a car fund, etc).

September is the month of my birth and I’d like to spend it celebrating and possibly taking a trip for me (Feldenkrais retreat or visit New Zealand) depending on how I do this year, or what I create. Possibly a romantic getaway with the love of my life (who should have appeared by my birthday!).

October will deepen the practice of self-trust and gut decisions. Deepening my spiritual work…despite practicing ACIM daily for over 5 years, I’ve only read the text 2 times. I will check in at that time as to if I’ll restart reading the text or what else calls to my spiritual appetite.

November is for trying new things month and reaching out to speak to a new group or do a workshop. I’d like to do a webinar and embrace technology. This means I’ll have an awesome new computer hopefully well before then. And a larger audience to connect with.

December happiness project is to celebrate the happiness of the year and to decide what goes on for next year’s happiness project. I’m expecting to feel really liberated by then with the organization all around me and good practices in place to keep business finished (versus unfinished), and with having even more health and wellness and joy-bringing activities as part of my life! Yay for the happiness project! This coaching and this process has been awesome so far. I’m realizing that life is just like what I teach with movement habits. We all have blind spots where we struggle and overwork sometimes needlessly. I’m working diligently in this coaching program to expand as brilliantly as possible into my masterpiece. What areas of your life do you think of as separate or where you struggle? How could you see them as all part of the same whole of your life? And what kind of project will you weave into different areas of your life to create a greater whole of happiness for yourself. Feel free to join me and share your own happiness project 2016 moves through us. Thanks and be you. Be happy. Be free!

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