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For the Love of what you LOVE!

Here we are after our first coaching call. What hit me most after reading Noam Kostucki’s book “You are Your Brand!” is how much more important sharing my WHY is versus sharing the HOW or WHAT is. That is still echoing in my mind and making new ripples with how I share about this work with others. Feldenkrais is so wonderful and has yet to really get out there, and this is possibly because the sharing about it has focused on the WHAT and the HOW. People miss the heart of what it’s about when Feldenkrais is shared in that manner. But I think those who do Feldenkrais have been SO profoundly touched by the work, that we want others to GET IT, I’ve been guilty of that myself. Not that it’s a bad thing…I just see from a business standpoint now that it’s not the most effective way of sharing about it. Most people who have found me and my website chose me to come and see because they related to my story of how I found healing after my own back injury and that I got back to what I loved (dance and other activities) without having to worry about pain. They knew that I knew what it was like to deal with pain and go through the process of unlearning painful movement habits to get back to my passion. They liked that because I could relate to them. I had been there. I can relate to people who want to have more joy and pleasure in their lives and to become better at whatever it is they love to do. That passion and uplifted spirit IS what this work is all about, and the sense of LOVE that bursts forth from being able to do what YOU love!

In this weeks group coaching sessions I learned so much from the coaching sessions with every participant! We were all given things to work on and were questioned in ways that opened us up to new ideas. I took notes from everyone’s coaching and have a new action list. Part of what I’m working on for Awakening Movements, is reflecting on my brand and how to best share my WHY and brand’s heart. I want that reflected clearly center-stage on my website, and instead of just overall tweaking to my website I’m pondering ideas for starting fresh with a drag and drop website that would make it easy for me to make changes as I go. So here I am doing more with technology, but I like the idea of keeping my current website to bring in people in pain and then having a second website for people who are already movers/dancers/actors/sports or hobby enthusiasts and who want to perfect their art for the love of what they do. Simple key words for this website would be: performance, passion, play and power. After all it’s life all for the love of what you love, right?!

I’m pleased that the results of an exercise in asking people to rate what words they feel describe us came back very congruent with what I thought. That means there is consistency. I’m also happy that this January, despite insurance deductibles starting over, that I’m busier than the previous two years.

Today I overcame the challenge of a power outage with some creative innovations and sessions still took place (yes, I work with some brave and committed people), with more of a focus on generating heat! I’m also overcoming my resistance to looking at technology as a blessing to organize email addresses and gather them (which I have forgotten to do in the past). This way I will be able to keep connected with those who love this work, which is highly important. Looking at this “baseline info” we have to gather has made me realize that I want to add some new systems. That also has meant looking at baseline info from google analytics (WHAT?!?!) and contacting my website guy who set that up for me (phew and thank goodness)!! I never thought I’d be looking at this kind of stuff, but it’s a new year and I’m up for new learning and growth!

On a side note, I am in LOVE with what I do and love to share it. Yet, with all the work on branding lately, I’ve realized that I have been away from dance myself, so my commitment this year is to add more dance into my life…for the love of what I love! As it truly is a happier world when we all throw in at least a little more of doing the things that bring us joy. Here’s to a happier world and only more joy.

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