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Don't worry. Do What you Love

Lately I've been continuing the work on business organization with creating clarity with billing systems. This had been a huge project, but it's nearing the end. The peace of mind and new order it will create is a good thing. I don't like to have huge question marks with something that needs to be rock solid. In order for good functioning you want to trust the systems you have in place. A wise mentor of mine has said "systems and structure determine results". I agree. If there is no system or structure (even when that structure allows for creativity) you won't get the results you are looking for. Now with something like billing in the business I'm in one needs to have it working well, as many of my clients use insurance. If I don't like the end result, and if my questions can't be answered, or I don't like what I find...I may be looking for a better system. As I get busier I'll want this piece of my business rock solid.

As costs have gone up on several fronts, including the new advertising that I'm doing, I've had to get clearer on what goes out and what comes in. I am far from a spender, but I need to keep a tighter watch to balance and manage well. As an entrepreneur you take on wearing many hats, sometimes doing what you don't like...until you can hire someone to take care of those pieces. It also comes with sacrifice in the beginning years. At the end of June marked my three year point in being fully self-employed with freedom from the hospital system and the constraints 'that included. Despite wearing all the hats and the other sacrifices, there has been much to celebrate and I'm thrilled that I've made it thus far and continue to be able impact lives with my work. There is a level of life satisfaction I've created from being able to do what I love to help others. Yes, there is still more I want to do and create and some things that I've had to say no to, but I know it's not forever.

I've had to continue to fight for a quiet atmosphere where I'm renting office space, but that is crucial for the work I do. I have to be a stand for that in order to continue creating the successes with people. If events where I'm at are such that it is not possible, I will take action and move, as necessary. Recently someone said to me that a parent told them to "only worry when you have to". It's true that many of us worry unnecessairly, but I know that's a habit that causes tension in my body, mind, and spirit. That is not what I'm about. I'm about creating freedom options! So I'd like to change that statement about worry to "when you find an occurrance bringing you to the brink of worry be with your support systems and people you love and that love you. Meditate. Turn things over to the higher power and take action as guided. Do your research and take your next best head and heart-informed choice, as you are guided." Yeah that's a lot of words. But my main point is is to try to surrender any worry and instead step into love for guidance. Doing what you love, connecting with your Source/or center, and going from there. You never can go wrong from there. Really there is not a wrong move you can make. It's all learning and we can all re-choose. And even when there really is something to worry about, worry doesn't just stick with the love. That's where the people in your life are so important to remind you of that love. Place everything in the hands of love as you continue to weave your life into a thing of beauty.

Despite a lot of stress, people that I love having health issues and problems, some so called disasters on the home front and office front, and not to mention increased costs...I've re-started working on a book to polish it off. It's a project that is dear to my heart and that I know can impact others in a positive way, so I'm happy to be carving out time and resources out of thin air in order to complete it. I've got about 100 more pages to edit and I'm gearing up to give birth to that labor of love that's been within me. That's all really any of us do is create through love. So drop anything else (that would be fear in any form: worry, self-doubt, stress, anger, etc)! Don't worry. Just love. I like that. Breathe that in and out for a while and watch what that does to help you get through anything and still create love, peace, and joy.

Here's to many more positive moves in your life. My book will be just another way to help you manuver on your inner landscape. Stay tuned for more details! In the what you love and love what you do!

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