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New Rhythms

New rhythms, thankfully, for my mom's heart. After a tough week of two procedures that didn't work, and new plans of action there finally was success today in achieving heart balance for her today! "Third times a charm" she said and it WAS!! My sisters, my mom and I are all relieved! It's been over a week and tonight she will hopefully be going home!

Some re-calibration has occurred with some of my things as well, and I'm claiming it ALL as a step up to refresh and renew for increased vitality. A friend took me to a comedy club last night for well needed laughs...which was a bath to my worries and an upliftment to my spirits. I've had to re-calibrated my phone and will be on my computer after hackers attacked my old website. That means a new website for my business, yet synchronistically I was working on a new one, anyhow. I love how everything always gets done in perfect time.

My garden may be considered "late" in planting's the first year I'm planting seeds, but everything is a learning experience and my mom has been a priority, of course. It's made me really appreciate that I am my own boss. This week I was able to spend time with my mom at the hospital every day. I was able to be there for all three of her procedures and I didn't have a boss to worry about. Thankfully, I was able to see my clients and be there with her too. I'm truly grateful and I realize after this week that working toward any success isn't meaningful unless we have our health and time to enjoy our health with loved ones. One way I've been managing my stress, is taking a really great magnesium supplement. Magnesium helps relax the muscles (including the heart...which I was a stand for my mother having at the hospital and I feel it was part of her turnaround towards wellness again!!). For the one I use go to and look up magnesium. A great natural herb to go with that is Valerian root. Together I've been able to but my brain to sleep at night. This week when I've awakened with my mind racing with concern, I've turned to my Feldenkrais moves to calm my nerves and decease muscular tension. Check out my youtube videos for some calming and de-stressing moves today and feel tension melt! A new movement lesson will be on it's way to you next week!

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