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Pelvic Tilts to Improve Sitting

Having trouble with sitting without getting stiff? Or are you experiencing neck or back pain when you do? Here's the initial groundwork for a larger movement theme we will explore and build upon. Take the time to do a few minutes of this lying down daily (more changes occur here more easily), and also during the day. Do this in sitting every 10-15 minutes if sitting is bothering you. I always tell people that just like a cat or a dog that has been resting it first stretches before it moves. They've even named the downward dog pose in yoga to reflect the innate wisdom of animals! We humans have to re-learn to add this "self care time" into our daily lives. Here is a great place to start. Incorporate a few minutes here and there. Keep your body moving when you are sitting by periodically doing this, or lying down to do the tilts. Experience also how much your posture can get easier by becoming more aware of how you position yourself when you the video to experience how to find easier upright sitting!

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