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I had chronic pain with significant motion restriction that limited daily activities even after traditional PT.  Years went by with minimal improvement until I was introduced to Lisa and Feldenkrais.  The benefits I received were well beyond my expectations!  Not only did my strength and motion improve, but I was able to resume all activities that I was not able to perform previously.  I was also able to stop all chronic pharmacologic pain management. When someone needs care for pain or motion restriction I remommend that they go to Lisa for Feldenkrais treatments sometimes with, but frequently without, traditional PT.  In my opninon the Feldenkrais Method is a mainstay of rehab and its contributions should not be overlooked.  Lisa’s skills and quality of care are top notch.  She has done great work with family and all patients I have sent her way.  


Dr. Gary Ross, D.O.

Southfield, MI

Something I really appreciated about Lisa is how in tune with my body she was. She could sense when things were off even before they caused pain so we could catch the issues early. The time I spent with her was efficient and productive, never painful. The exercises she taught me as part of my home program helped me move into a place of strength and helped me learn to trust my body again. I would highly recommend Awakening Movements to family and friends. 

Shannon Niedzinski

Beverly HIlls, MI

I have chronic back problems, and after a severe set-back, traditional therapy did nothing to help.  My chiropractor suggested I see Lisa, which I did.  Having gone through her own problems, Lisa understood how badly I wanted to be well and was supportive starting with the first phone call to set up an appointment.  Feldenkrias worked and continues to work for me.  It made me better, stronger, and more confident.  I learned how my body should move and work so I can prevent injuries, or if I have a minor set-back, how to prevent it from getting worse and improve it.

Lisa is professional, kind, comforting, and supportive, and helped me feel better.  

Carol Folk

Royal Oak, MI

Lisa is a blessing to me, not only is my fractured foot healing well-my whole body is more balanced. She has fostered my healing process with a caring and inspiring attitude. I would strongly recommend Lisa as a Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitoner for her knowledge, preparedness, kindness and concern for her clients’ well being. 

Mary Roberts

Harrison Township, MI

I turned to Feldenkrais, and specifically Lisa at Awakening Movements, after two unsuccessful rounds of traditional physical therapy to alleviate pain throughout my right side from a herniated disc in my neck. I told Lisa my goal of playing baseball in three months, and without hesitation she said, “Well, we have a goal!” It meant a lot to me to hear her enthusiasm and confidence in helping me achieve my goal, and it was the basis for the work I put in both inside and outside of her office.

Three months later, I was out on the baseball field throwing with my right arm and swinging a wooden bat. I ran several times a week and played both baseball and softball into the fall with confidence, knowing I had the tools to keep my arm and neck loose when I needed them. In the process of my treatment, Lisa’s lessons helped loosen shoulder and chest muscles that had been locked up for as long as I could remember – after her treatment, I stood taller, held my shoulders farther back, and relied on more muscles to do everyday movements.

As an instructor, Lisa is kind and positive, and gives thorough explanations to questions. Lessons are relaxing and the movements are comfortable. Home stretching assignments are clear and genuinely helpful, and I still do them months after my treatment ended. I saw tremendous results from Lisa’s work, and the positive environment that she created was different from other physical therapy centers I tried.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Lisa and the Feldenkrais method for treating injuries and pain.  -

Scott McMahon

Dearborn, MI

I had spondoloythesis (broken back) and went 7 years without surgery because of my Feldenkrais experience. It is “PAIN FREE”, that my Dr.’s will attest to. Two of my Dr.’s asked to speak with Lisa to find out how she managed to keep me Pain free without the help of pills, shots or surgery. One of the Dr.’s now sends all his patients to Lisa for “FELDY”! If you have a problem and are afraid of pain, Feldenkrais is the only way to go. Thanks again Lisa! By the way; it also improved my golf game! 

Al Wisniewski

Madison Heights, MI

Lisa Ponichter from Awakening Movements is amazing!
I recommend Lisa to anyone that has any pain and discomfort going on in their body. She is not only a great Feldenkrais physical therapist practitioner; she is someone that can heal you. My issue was a blown out shoulder from exercising, I could not lift anything, and my pain got progressively worse. After a few weeks of pain, I went to see Lisa, and she worked on my shoulder and gave me a program that healed me within the week. The awesome thing about it was that the pain has never returned. I will always be grateful for Lisa’s abilities and totally trust her with any pain or injury that may happen to me. Above all, she is a truly genuine person and she cares for everyone that she meets, knowing Lisa is an inspiring experience. 


Derek Sands, Botec Design

Chesterfield, MI

I love this kind of Physical Therapy. You get one on one time with her and like most PT places you are NOT put on a machine and left.  I love Lisa, she is amazing. 


Olivia Pragar

Detroit, MI

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