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Benefits to YOU!

Benefits include and not limited to the following:

  • improved fluidity, power, and grace

  • greater ease with daily acivities and sports

  • less pain and less strain

  • increased flexibility 

  • better balance and steadiness in walking, dance, and sports

  • improved precision and accuracy

  • decreased stress and increased relaxation

  • increased creativity (due to play with all those patterns...we think differenlty)

I'm trained to get you back on top of your game, with less pain and more gain! 

It can get easier to throw that ball, walk fluidly, get off the floor in yoga, run that marathon, take those stairs, get out of bed, or play your insturment! Whatever you want to do CAN be improved! Want to easily access the tools to unlock human potential, so that you get the benefits along your whole life span?! Check out individual session and group classes and let me show you how much MORE ease, pleasure, & enjoyment you can have for your life today! 

For those that want to feel their best and delight in the benefits of a movement therapy that's on the cutting edge of neuroscience, you must experience my work!   

Habits and patterns are how we funtion in the world. Our brain and nervous system controls how we function. If you want to create lasting changes in the body to be at your highest potential you need to talk to the brain. My work can do that for you!  

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